There are several things builders can easily do to make their sites safer for their staff, especially when expecting safety nets to be installed on their sites. One of these simple things is bracing frames with net friendly bracing, as per the image on the right titled Bracing Fact Sheet.

This helps create sufficient clearance distances should someone fall into a safety net while working at height. Safety nets are designed to absorb the energy from a fall by decelerating the falling object and coming to a gentle rest. If there are braces within the clearance area, a falling person could hit one and sustain injury as the decelerate.

At Marlborough Safety Nets, we pride ourselves on exceptional safety standards for your staff and our installers. From the initial planning to the final removal, our products and workmanship is second to none. In an ever-evolving industry, Marlborough Safety Nets has set the bar for Safety when working at height. 

Owner operator Todd Nicholas is FASET qualified and certified in the installation of safety nets. Based in Blenheim we cover the whole top of the south for residential and commercial construction site.

Safety nets and installation complies with NZ and European safety standards.
- BS EN 1263-1

- BS EN 1263-2

- BS EN 8411